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Life project
Habitat della media Valle del Tirso
On 16 December 2008 the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the European Community concluded a convention for the implementation of the project LIFE07 NAT /IT/000426 "Management actions for the conservation of Llittle Bustard (*Tetrax tetrax) in the steppes of Sardinia" co-financed by the specific financial instrument LIFE+ referred to in Regulation n. 614/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council 23/05/2007.

The project for the Little Bustard is one of the 9 LIFE-Nature projects selected at national level by the European Commission to contribute to implementation, to update and develop of policy and legislation on the environment, including the integration of environment into other policies, thereby contributing to sustainable development, promoting the implementation of the sixth environmental action plan including the thematic strategies and financing measures and projects with European added value in the Member States.
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