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Who we are

Tintarella di luna - foto di Eleonora Manca
Conservatoria delle coste was modelled on the innovative spirit of France's Conservatoire du Littoral. The role of the agency is to complete the coastal area protection actions being undertaken with existing planning, programming and regulatory measures. Conservatoria acquires delicate and fragile lands through voluntary donations, pre-emption and, in exceptional circumstances, direct purchases.

Following works to restore coastal environments and wildlife, Conservatoria either manages the areas directly or, following assurances that the property will be correctly managed in full respect of the law and relevant regulations, it entrusts the management to other regional agencies, municipalities, local communities, associations or cooperatives.

Conservatoria identifies the manner in which acquired lands must be managed, and how their original natural wealth and beauty is to be maintained. Conservatoria also outlines the uses, particularly farming and tourism that are compatible with these objectives.