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Fortino all'Argentiera - foto di Daniele Atzori
Regional Agency Conservatoria delle Coste was instituted on the 29th may 2007 by Article 16 of the Regional law. The agency was given regulatory, financial, organisational, administrative, heritage and management autonomy.

As specified by Article 2 of its Statute, the institutional aims of Conservatoria are the safeguarding, protection and enhancement of coastal ecosystems and the integrated management of coastal areas of high environmental or scenic value. This applies to regional property and places made available by public and private organisations.

The objective is to begin a dynamic process of stewardship, management and enhancement which takes account of the fragility of ecosystems and coastal landscapes, the different activities and uses that they host, and their interactions and impacts. The agency was created as the tool to activate these policies. Conservatoria became autonomous in respects with its organs: the Scientific Committee, the Executive Director and the Board of Auditors.

The functions of the agency are specified in article 3 of its founding law:
a) the coordination of regional integrated coastal zone management initiatives relating to the other Italian regions and the local authorities of coastal Mediterranean countries
b) the coordination of integrated coastal zone management initiatives carried out by the Region, local bodies, Marine Protected Area authorities, and other sites of community interest
c) the promotion and dissemination of issues relating to the protection of the environment and landscapes, and the sustainable development of coastal areas
d) the development of the guidelines and criteria in Article 43 Paragraph 1 A of regional law No. 9, 2006.
e) to exercise the right of preemption as specified in Article 4, law No. 379, 29th May 1967 (modifications to the rules on land reform), and Article 11, law No. 386, 30th April 1976 (principle law, special and financial rules for development bodies), on public sales of land and property falling within 2 kilometres of the sea
f) the expropriation and/or purchase of areas and properties whose environmental, scenic and cultural qualities demand conservation and safeguard
g) the exercising of regional powers in state maritime and coastal matters and state areas immediately overlooking coastal conservation areas and the built assets entrusted to it
h) the exercising of powers for built cultural heritage falling within the coastal conservation areas entrusted to it, as mandated to the region by Articles 60, 61, 62, 106 and 115 in legislative decree No. 42, 22nd January 2004.