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Danza sull'acqua - foto di Paola Medas
Conservatoria delle coste aims to promote research and valorisation of the cultural, material, historical and anthropological heritage linked to the coasts and seas of Sardinia.
Conservatoria delle Coste has acquired regional heritage, and is undertaking a range of work in order to valorise them. The areas entrusted to the Agency become “coastal conservation areas”.
Faro di Punta Filetto Isola S. MariaSardegnaFari programme for lighthouses and semaphores
Conservatoria delle coste has been entrusted with 15 regional sites containing lighthouses, semaphores, coastal towers, buildings and infrastructure with the remit of developing a detailed programme for their enhancement, and guaranteeing their careful management under future public leasing.
Torre del PrezzemoloValorisation of Sardinia’s coastal tower heritage
Conservatoria delle Coste has acquired regional heritage coastal tower, and is undertaking a range of work in order to valorise them. Restoration and conservation project for the coastal towers of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia
AsinaraAsinara Island strategy for a regional heritage site
The Conservatoria delle Coste enhancement strategy for Asinara Island regional heritage site. Asinara Island is a peculiar place due to its density of wildlife and history, from this derives each conservation and management action dedicated to its natural and cultural-historical heritage
Fabbricati a Is Mortorius - foto di TeravistaIs Mortorius Coastal Conservation Area
Conservatoria decided to undertake a participative process for the integrated management of Is Mortorius coastal conservation area. This area, composed by the Diana nuraghe, the Carlo Faldi anti-naval battery and a natural park, has unique qualities and is affected by environmental emergencies.
Mangiabarche OPEN GALLERYMangiabarche Open Air Art Gallery
Mangiabarche Open Air Gallery was born in 2011 as an innovative art project, thanks to a collaboration among Conservatoria delle Coste, the London Cabinet Gallery and the Municipality of Calasetta. Up until 1997, the military stations were used by a typical Calasettana trattoria.
Eco-Ostello Buggerru - rendering di Alice CordaBuggerru Eco-Hostel
The Eco-Hostel will be a truly eco-compatible model. A tool to enhance the local area and its environment, which is capable of stimulating integrated initiatives and reinventing the local such that the culture, traditions, environment and history is visible on the international market.