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Beach management

L'antico porto - foto di Massimo Puggioni
Conservatoria delle coste is responsible for project management and coordination actions delivering integrated management activities in Sardinia’s coasts. The Agency adopts areas which are subject to degradation, such as ancient fishing villages and locations isolated by historical and logistical problems. The Agency uses highly innovative initiatives aimed at the sustainable growth of parts of Sardinia which are less well known by the wider public.
Un angolo di storia custodito dal parco - Giovanni CultreraGuidelines for sustainable beach management and for mitigating coastal erosion
As part of the Regional Environmental Action Plan (PAAR) - “Integrated communication and environmental education strategy to spread the principle of integrated coastal management” project, Conservatoria delle Coste is drafting a document of guidelines for the integrated management of sandy coasts.
L'isola che c'è - foto di Roberto LonisCoastal safeguard project, Maria Pia - Alghero
In collaboration with the Municipality of Alghero, Conservatoria delle Coste foresees different restoration, maintenance and consolidation works to preserve the dunes area from erosion in Maria Pia beach.
Da cabu Nieddu a Capo Caccia - Francesco Massimino Cubeddu - Cuglieri (OR)CAMP Coastal Public notice
Conservatoria delle coste has published a public notice to finance works aimed at safeguarding and repurposing the natural and environmental sandy coastline resources which are at risk of being compromised or degraded.
Tornante - foto di Daniele PiluduP.E.R.L.A. works
Under the P.E.R.L.A. project, financed by PO Italia-Francia Marittimo 2007-2013 and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR), Conservatoria delle Coste has developed the following activities.