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Sustainable development

Nuovo giorno - foto di Rossella Troncone
Sustainable Development is one of the founding principles of the Agency management strategy.
Through the valorisation of natural resources, safeguard of culture and traditions, involvement of local communities and the sustaining of existing economies, the Agency aims to create new opportunities of dynamic growth.
Serenità delle acque - foto di Chiara LaconiZero Kilometre Flavours (Sapori a Chilometri Zero)
Zero Kilometre Flavours is designed to promote environmentally-sustainable economics by shortening the supply chains between producers and consumers. By delivering fresher ingredients to customers, Zero Kilometre Flavours strengthens the market for quality local produce.
Laguna GIRA, Management of Fishing Resources

The Integrated Management of Fishing Resources project (GIRA) is part of the CAMP Programme. It is achieved with scientific support from the Centre of Expertise in Marine Biology (Com.Bio.Ma) and the collaboration of the Fishing Service of the Sardinian Regional Department for Agriculture and Agro-Pastoral Reform.
With scientific support from the Centre of Expertise in Marine Biodiversity (Com.Bio.Ma), Conservatoria delle Coste started A-bisso project on the management and stewardship of Pinna nobilis in an area in South-East Sardinia.
Miniere e mare - foto di Maurizio ConcasEco-hostels network
Eco-hostels network is a project promoting ecotourism in Sardinia through the regeneration of towns as sustainable destinations.
Logo Plan BleuProfile of Sustainability in some Mediterranean tourism destinations
The Agency coordinates the Italian section of project Profile of Sustainability in some Mediterranean tourism destinations, in collaboration with Plan Bleu, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan).