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Coastal Conservation Agency

L'isola che c'è - foto di Roberto Lonis
Who we are
Conservatoria delle coste was modelled on the innovative spirit of France's Conservatoire du Littoral. The role of the agency is to complete the coastal area protection actions being undertaken with existing planning, programming and regulatory measures.
What we do
Conservatoria's objective is to begin a dynamic process of stewardship, management and enhancement which takes account of the fragility of ecosystems and coastal landscapes, the different activities and uses that they host, and their interactions and impacts
Coastal conservation areas
Of particular relevance is the prediction in the second paragraph of Article 16 of the 29th May 2007 regional law, no 2. This foresees the possibility of entrusting to Conservatoria “coastal conservation areas” that are public property or are available to the state. Following their identification, assets with high environmental or scenic value are leased to Conservatoria delle Coste through Regional Council rulings, and assume the title “Coastal Conservation Areas”