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Pan di Zucchero, foto di Innocenti Mauro
Conservatoria delle coste aims to promote research and valorisation of the cultural, material, historical and anthropological heritage linked to the coasts and seas of Sardinia.
Conservatoria delle Coste has acquired regional heritage, and is undertaking a range of work in order to valorise them. The areas entrusted to the Agency become “coastal conservation areas”.
Beach management
Conservatoria delle coste is responsible for project management and coordination actions delivering integrated management activities in Sardinia’s coasts. The Agency adopts areas which are subject to degradation, such as ancient fishing villages and locations isolated by historical and logistical problems. The Agency uses highly innovative initiatives aimed at the sustainable growth of parts of Sardinia which are less well known by the wider public.
Sustainable development
Sustainable Development is one of the founding principles of the Agency management strategy.
Through the valorisation of natural resources, safeguard of culture and traditions, involvement of local communities and the sustaining of existing economies, the Agency aims to create new opportunities of dynamic growth.
Environmental education
As detailed in Article 3 of the founding law of Conservatoria delle coste, the main functions of the Agency include the promotion and diffusion of themes related to the sustainable development of the coastal areas, and the stewardship of the environment and of landscapes.