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Arcipelago di La Maddalena, Santa Maria
European environment legislation regards Integrated Coastal Zone Management. ICZM is an innovative tool which outlines a strategy for action pursuing economic, social and environmental sustainability within the planning and integrated management of the coastal zones.
ICZM Protocol
Integrated Coastal Zone Management is a dynamic process for the management and sustainable use of coastal zones, which has a holistic consideration of the fragility of coastal ecosystems and landscapes, their variety of activities and uses, their interactions, maritime vocations and other activities which use them, and their impacts on land and sea.
CAMP Programme
CAMP, coordinated by the PAP/RAC of UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan, is aimed at the implementation of coastal management projects developed in pilot areas of the Mediterranean. Its main objective is to extend and implement strategies, action and procedures for a sustainable development of coastal areas.
Coastal Observatory
Article 16 part 3 of the ICZM Protocol identifies the tools necessary to provide integrated management and suitable new and existing mechanisms for coastal monitoring and observation. It further outlines the need for regularly updated national coastal zone inventories detailing the resources, activities, institutions, legislation and planning tools. In this context, the coastal zone monitoring and observation activities must be developed within a network of Mediterranean scale cooperation and organisation, both at the scientific and institutional level.
Climate change
The intensification of erosion is one of the most important observable impacts on the coastal areas of Sardinia.