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International cooperation

Article 3, Point 1 of the Statute of Conservatoria delle Coste gives the agency responsibility of coordination of regional initiatives of integrated coastal zone management and their relations with other Italian regions and the authorities of Mediterranean countries. In applying this article, the agency has initiated a series of international relations with the main organisations concerned with integrated management of Mediterranean coastal areas, in particular with the French Conservatoire du Littoral. Conservatoire was founded in 1975 and is the main point of reference for Conservatoria delle Coste. In its first act of international cooperation, Conservatoria delle Coste signed an agreement with Conservatoire to benefit from its lengthy experience and collaboration. Of particular importance are the following objectives shared by both organisations:

- the definition of a Sardinia-Corsica cooperation programme for the management of the North Sardinia coastal area to be coordinated by Conservatoire du Littoral and Conservatoria delle Coste
- a scientific exchange programme on key themes such as the sustainable management of wet zones, specifically of saltworks
- the transferral of the Conservatoire conservation area management model: acquisition process, defining of management plans, tendering of services to external bodies and monitoring activities.

Conservatoria delle Coste was accepted into the “Club des Agences Littorales”, coordinated by Conservatoires, which brings together all Mediterranean Agencies occupied with the protection and management of coasts, including France, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco.

Planned activities for 2012-2014

- Consolidation of the bilateral agreement with the Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco)
- Creation and consolidation of a united European project based at Conservatoria
- Coordination and management of approved and new European projects
- Establishing of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Mediterranean Observatory in collaboration with PAP/RAR (and synergy with regional coastal observatory)
As part of its institutional duties, Conservatoria delle Coste carries forward its strategic activities by collaborating with international partners responsible for integrated coastal zone management and environmental sustainability.
European projects
In fulfilling its mandate, Conservatoria delle Coste is particularly active in the sphere of European project management