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Coastal heritage

The main responsibility of Conservatoria delle Coste is the safeguarding, stewardship and valorisation of coastal ecosystems and the integrated management of coastal areas of high scenic or environmental value.
The areas entrusted to the Agency become “coastal conservation areas”.
Coastal towers
Since 2009, the regional agency Conservatoria delle Coste has managed the 12 coastal towers identified as key assets of the region’s coastal heritage in the Piano Paesaggistico Regionale (Regional Landscape Plan). In 2012 a further 7 coastal towers have been entrusted to the Agency. These need serious consolidation and restoration.
Regional Administration deliberation 52/36 on the 23/12/2011 entrusted Conservatoria delle Coste with 15 sites containing lighthouses, semaphores, coastal towers, building, regional infrastructure. Conservatoria delle Coste is to prepare a detailed programme for their valorisation, and to ensure they are carefully managed when the buildings are under lease.
Military fortifications
As part of its institutional mission, Conservatoria delle Coste works to improve the safety of the following military fortifications which were entrusted to it by the Sardinian Region as coastal conservation areas: Is Mortorius, Mangiabarche and Capitana.
Industrial archaeology
Some areas and buildings of high industrial archaeological importance fall within the coastal conservation areas entrusted to Conservatoria delle Coste. Of particular note are the sites linked to Sardinian mining culture.
Natural areas
The natural areas entrusted to Conservatoria delle Coste have environmental, scenic and cultural qualities which require their conservation and safeguard.