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Conservatoire du Littoral is the agency responsible for the conservation and management of all of France’s coasts. As its first act of international cooperation, Conservatoria delle Coste signed an accord with Conservatoire to benefit from its long experience and collaboration. Of particular importance are the following objectives which are shared by both organisations
- The definition of a Sardinia-Corsica cooperation programme for the management of the North Sardinia coastal area to be coordinated by Conservatoire du Littoral and Conservatoria delle Coste
- A scientific exchange programme on key themes such as the sustainable management of wet zones, specifically of saltworks
- The transferral of the Conservatoire conservation area management model: the acquisition process, defining of management plans, tendering of services to external bodies and monitoring activities.
Conservatoria delle Coste was accepted into the “Club des Agences Littorales”, coordinated by Conservatoires, which brings together all Mediterranean Agencies occupied with the protection and management of coasts, including France, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco.

Visit the website: http://www.conservatoire-du-littoral.fr/front/process/Home.html