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Plan Bleu, environment and development in the Mediterranean

For over 30 years and within a context of growing international action for the environment, the 21 states bordering on the Mediterranean and the European Union have together been developing an original mechanism for environmental regional cooperation within the framework of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP).
The Blue Plan is one of the stakeholders involved in this cooperation. One of the main tasks with which it is entrusted is to produce information and knowledge in order to alert decision-takers and other stakeholders to environmental risks and sustainable development issues in the Mediterranean, and to shape future scenarios to guide decision-taking processes.
All of the Blue Plan’s work is structured around its four main strategic objectives, which are:
• To identify, collect and process on an on-going basis environmental, economic and social information of use to the stakeholders and decision-makers
• To evaluate the interaction between the environment and economic and social development in order to measure what progress is being made towards sustainable development
• To conduct analyses and prospective studies to help shape visions for the future and back-up decision-taking
• To broadcast and circulate products and outcomes in the manner best-suited to the target public.

After having prepared a draft of Strategic Orientations Document, Plan Bleu finalized an Intervention Framework covering the period from 2007 to 2015. This framework strives for placing the future Plan Bleu’s works in the middle term while connecting them to the different sustainable development issues as well as to the international and regional schedules.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Plan Bleu, the Agency coordinates the Italian section of the project Profile of Sustainability in some Mediterranean tourism destinations.

Visite the website: http://www.planbleu.org/