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The PERLA project “Cross-border region coastal strips Accessibility, Profitability and Safety project”, funded by the French-Italian Maritime Operative Programme 2007-13, takes the overall strategic objective to improve and qualify cooperation between cross-border areas. The project focuses on accessibility, innovation, and the valorisation of natural and cultural resources with the aim of ensuring cohesion between territories, promoting employment and sustainable development, and increasing competitiveness at Mediterranean, Southern-European and global levels

PERLA was founded with the mission of intervening in the limits of the usability, accessibility and safety of the coastal strip. It respects the natural environment while simultaneously favouring tourism and economic development. It uses innovative systems and advanced technologies to develop related actions aimed at augmenting and standardising the tourism service offer. The intention is to reach all citizens, tourists, disadvantaged sections of society and people not usually benefitting from project results. The planned project actions are:

• An evaluation of the actual state of the coastal strip and an analysis of the service activities
• The preparation of an effective system to help provide information on coastal accessibility
• Actions to improve the usability and safety of coasts and bathing areas
• Creation of related actions aimed at developing new sustainable solutions for the tourist offer
• Integration of existing services with dedicated local public transport
• Elimination of material and immaterial barriers

The Italian project partners are: the Province of Livorno, Conservatoria delle Coste della Sardegna, the Region of Tuscany, the Province of La Spezia. Corsica is represented by la Mairie de Bastia

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