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SardegnaFari programme for lighthouses and semaphores

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The Sardinian coastal maritime heritage valorisation programme in accordance with Regional deliberation 52/36 23/12/2011

Conservatoria delle Coste has been entrusted with 15 regional sites containing lighthouses, semaphores, coastal towers, buildings and infrastructure with the remit of developing a detailed programme for their enhancement, and guaranteeing their careful management under future public leasing. Conservatoria delle Coste, in collaboration with regional property service offices and local municipal heritage bodies, will identify options for scientific and cultural activities and tourism reception which are open to both residents and tourists, and which require considerable efforts to restore and repurpose building which are currently burdens for the regional administration.

The objective to develop lighthouse and semaphore heritage is of particular relevance to the Sardinian Region. This remote and romantic heritage forms an important part of the collective imagination, and symbolises the natural power of the sea. These structures are unique and characteristic markers within insular and maritime surroundings, they are part of the coastal scenery, and immersed in spectacular natural settings which the tourism industry can use in interesting ways, such as museum and exhibition space, research centres and public reception areas. The public has been kept apart from this important heritage for so long, making it imperative that any new forms of use allow free and open access.

The following lighthouses, semaphores and signalling stations stand out among the buildings entrusted to Conservatoria delle Coste:

• Capo Ferro | Arzachena
• Capo Figari | Golfo Aranci
• Puntiglione | La Maddalena
• Testiccioli | La Maddalena
• Santa Maria | La Maddalena
• Razzoli | La Maddalena
• Marginetto | La Maddalena
• Capo Ceraso | Olbia
• Capo d’Orso | Palau
• Punta Falcone | Santa Teresa di Gallura
• Capo Mannu | San Vero Milis
• Punta Scorno | Isola dell’Asinara
• Capo Sperone | Sant’Antioco
• Torre dei Segnali | Cagliari
• Torre di Torregrande | Oristano

Conservatoria delle coste approach and methodology is based on the concept of “valorisation”. Specifically, “measures to enhance” the true qualities of heritage which are prioritised alongside economic criteria.
In accordance with its objective of sharing project decisions, Conservatoria delle coste has created the blog SardegnaFari. This blog contains the portfolio of each asset, and has been used to launch a public survey seeking imaginative ideas for their use as tourist-reception, scientific, cultural or mixed facilities.

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