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Profile of Sustainability in some Mediterranean tourism destinations

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The Agency coordinates the Italian section of project Profile of Sustainability in some Mediterranean tourism destinations, in collaboration with Plan Bleu, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan). The project is focused primarily on analysis of social, economic and environmental indicators from some Mediterranean tourist destinations in order to identify the sustainable level of each one.
For Italy the Agency has chosen the tourist destinations Cabras and Castelsardo. These destinations are particularly relevant from an environmental point of view and provide excellent examples of small-scale tourism. The other destinations chosen for study represent the diverse levels of tourist development throughout the Mediterranean. They are: Tipaza (Algeria), Rovinj (Croatia), El Alamain and Marsa Matrouh (Egypt), Chefchaouen (Morocco), Torremolinos (Spain), Jerba (Tunisia), Alanya (Turkey).
The project is developed in 4 sections:
 tourism as a driving force, where the general infrastructure and existing tourist resources are analysed and evaluated for each tourist destination;
 the socio-economic and environmental impacts that tourism has on the economy, communities and the environment (the types of tourism, the jobs in the tourist sector, levels of electricity and water consumption, waste production and land use changes);
 the impact that tourism has on the sustainability of tourist destinations by analysing the overall effects on the economy (the evolution of GDP and the competitiveness of the economic sectors), society (population changes and demographics, life expectancy), the distribution industries and their effects on the environment (water consumption and the quality of drinking water, soil, landscape and urban environments);
 the existing policies for tourism and sustainability in the areas of study.

The project will culminate with an international publication.