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Eco-hostels network

Miniere e mare - foto di Maurizio Concas
Eco-hostels network is a project promoting ecotourism in Sardinia through the regeneration of towns as sustainable destinations.
The Conservatoria’s concept of ecotourism is one that provides employment for future generations by protecting and enhancing the local environment and culture which first attracted tourists, benefiting both host and guest.
Each eco-hostel is unique, but all have features such as using renewable energy, eco-features and fittings, and on-site recycling facilities. All eco-hostels have programs to monitor and improve their environmental performance in areas such as energy, water and cleaning products.
Skilled jobs are created as each hostel is redesigned and sustainability measures are implemented. The hostels directly employ staff and the economy is boosted by tourist demand. The “green” purchasing decisions of the eco-hostels further strengthen local economies and the environment by favoring local and sustainable suppliers.
The project is run in collaboration with local municipalities, communities and businesses throughout Sardinia.