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GIRA, Management of Fishing Resources

The Integrated Management of Fishing Resources project (Gestione Integrata Risorse Alieutiche - GIRA) is part of the CAMP Programme. It is achieved with scientific support from the Centre of Expertise in Marine Biology (Com.Bio.Ma) and the collaboration of the Fishing Service of the Sardinian Regional Department for Agriculture and Agro-Pastoral Reform.
The project is structured in three different actions: two experimental management actions are developed in the West CAMP area (experimental management of the Paracentrotus lividus sea urchin in Capo Pecora, and of common octopus, octopus vlugaris, in San Vero Milis), and a repopulation action in the North CAMP area (repopulating the Homarus gammarus lobster in Castelsardo).
GIRA was officially launched on the 1st April 2011 with Decree 669 by the Councillor for Agriculture and Agro-Pastoral Reform. The project created three protected fishing areas in which the fishing of study species is prohibited for two years.
All the activities are being carried forward thanks to collaboration and interest of Castelsardo, Arbus, Buggerru and San Vero Milis Municipalities.
The project duration is two years and aims to identify sustainable resource management strategies by directly involving fishermen in sea activities and local restaurateurs in the creation of a commercial outlet and the promotion of a short supply chain.